Clark Pinnock’s theological journey has ended

I recall an online conversation with several theologians and pastors where the question was asked: “What is process theology?” One participant quickly responded: “Clark Pinnock.” His answer may not have been theologically precise, but it surely did provide an incarnational perspective of what process theology is about.

While I certainly know of him (through his writings, and through writings about him), I never knew Clark Pinnock personally. He passed from this life on August 15, 2010, having profoundly influenced late 20th century, and the first decade of 21st century evangelicalism. His was a journey breath-taking in its sweep from robust, conservative evangelicalism to questioning just about every orthodox view held by evangelicals today. Though many of us roundly criticized Pinnock’s diluted Christian theology, Russell Moore provides an important perspective on how we might view Clark Pinnock’s legacy.

Moore’s “Why Conservative Evangelicals Should Thank God for Clark Pinnock” is a short piece calling for long reflection.

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  1. Kim says:

    Praise the Lord no more heresy will issue from his pen!

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