Why I joined (and Quit) and Rejoined Twitter

On April 22, 2009, I posted “Why I Joined (and Quit) Twitter.”

So, why do I have a Twitter account today? What changed?

When I first began using Twitter, it seemed like most tweets I read were nothing more than the daily activities of those tweeting.

“I’m having coffee with Joe.”
“Just leaving the office – had enough for today.”
“What a beautiful day here in Brooklin. Wonder what I’ll do today?”
“Just finished raking the leaves in my yard – my aching back!”
“Bautista homers in the 5th! Go Jays!”

Ok, you get my point. However, as Twitter matured and grew more prominent, I slowly realized the upside of Twitter – the beneficial role it could have. For example, through his Twitter stream, my son learned of the tragic tsunami in Japan before it was reported in the news here in Ontario. I discovered Twitter could inform me of major conferences, or draw attention to valuable articles online – the list goes on.

So, I repented and reopened a Twitter account. For anyone interested, you can follow me at @davidsdaniels. Shameless self-promotion, I know!

I don’t have thousands of followers, nor do I follow thousands, but Twitter does keep me informed of news, ministries, publishing activities, and significant blog posts that hold particular interest for me. Further, I use Twitter (and Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn) to let my followers, friends, and colleagues know when I’ve posted something here. And when I see a particularly good tweet, I retweet for the benefit of my followers.

Like all social media, Twitter can be a valuable tool or a time-wasting toy. Hopefully I’ve chosen the former. I am glad I rejoined.

About David Daniels

Evangelical Baptist Pastor. Reformed Soteriology. Enjoy freelance writing & reviewing. In my cybersphere (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Blog, et. al.) following, friending, retweeting, linking, quoting & commenting does not equal endorsing.
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6 Responses to Why I joined (and Quit) and Rejoined Twitter

  1. John Murray says:

    I still have to wonder as to who among your followers actually get to see your tweet. I guess this why they say you should post it several times during the same day.

    • Hi, John. Truth be told, probably the majority of your followers do not see the tweet unless you use specific #hashtag words that people are particularly following. The other strategy people use is to create lists of specific accounts/people. That way, you can log into your account, look at the particular list and immediately have access to just the tweets of those people. I’m still learning how to best use Twitter myself, but I do now see it has value if used wisely.

  2. Yeah, I’m glad there aren’t as many of those “Bautista homers!” tweets now.

  3. Stan Fowler says:

    I confess that I used to make jokes about Twitter, but after some students pushed me over the edge, I joined, and it is now a valuable tool. Old dogs sometimes repent and learn new tricks.

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