A fresh start

My site was hacked a few days ago, and the cost to clean it up was too high for a personal blog site. Consequently, I have decided to give this a fresh start with a very simple layout that will load up and read well on just about all platforms.

At the outset, WiseReader was meant to be a book review site, and while I do hope to continue reviewing, I also plan to write about other things that capture my interest.

The Becoming Reformed series of posts, a personal reflection on my spiritual journey to a reformed soteriology, was my first foray into a wider range of writing, and the first four installments that were previously published will be back in a few days time.

I am not sure how much of my previous material is recoverable, so I apologize to those whose books I’ve reviewed if those reviews do not make it back to these pages.

This is Christmas Eve day, and I must get on with final preparations for our Christmas Eve Service here at Grace Baptist Church.

I trust you will have a blessed Christmas season.

About David Daniels

Evangelical Baptist Pastor. Reformed Soteriology. Enjoy freelance writing & reviewing.
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