Get a free copy of John Piper’s new biography of C.H. Spurgeon

John-PiperJohn Piper is a household name among conservative evangelicals, particularly within the reformed community. He was the Senior Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church (Minneapolis, Minnesota) for more than 30 years. Along the way, he established, where he still serves as leading teacher. A sought-after speaker and prolific author (more than 50 books), John Piper has had, and continues to have, a remarkably effective and influential ministry.

Another equally well-known name, certainly among those knowing Piper, is the 19th Century English Baptist preacher and ardent five-point Calvinist, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. With a ministry record of baptizing over 14,000 believers, training scores of men for ministry, establishing hundreds of Sundays Schools and preaching points across England and beyond, Spurgeon dispels the threadbare caricature that Calvinists don’t care about evangelism and rarely build ministries of any significance.

Over at the desiringGod blog, Jonathan Parnell, informs us that John Piper has recently released a small biography of Charles Spurgeon which is being offered for free in three digital formats, and for purchase in print.

Charles-Spurgeon---John-PiperThe book is an edited and formatted version of a sermon John Piper delivered years ago to a group of pastors, entitled Charles Spurgeon: Preaching Through Adversity. It presents an “inspiring vision of gospel ministry and offers practical counsel for how pastors keep going when the times are toughest.”

You can read Parnell’s post here, where you will find instructions on how to download a free digital copy of the book. There is also a link to Amazon if you prefer to purchase a print copy of the book.

While you are at the desiringGod site, take a few minutes to browse the wide range of biblically-rich resources available to the public – much of it free of charge, though I’d enourage you to consider a donation to help the ministry continue. With 10,000 resources already available – sermons, articles, papers and books – it is a rich and growing repository of sound, biblical teaching.


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